One Plus 3T


Role: Pitch / Style frames design at Brand New School
Tool: Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Photoshop

Production Credits:
Director - 
Jonathan Notaro
Managing Partner - Devin Brook
CG Supervisor - Russ Wootton
Technical Director - Dan Bradham
Flame Artist - Mark French
Compositing - Eric Concepcion, Manu Gaulot, Matthew Lane Smith, Paulo Dias, Philip Massimino
Lighting - Sarah Bocket, Stacie Plassiche, Claire Chang, Mirelle Underwood, Sung Kim
Animation - Jeff Bryson, Olle Engstrom, Michael Warton, Nick Dubois, Shandy Tam
Particles and Dynamics - Andy Guttormson, Rob Eckert
Modelling - Arnaldo Andujar, Junhawn Kwon
Design - Andres Rivera, Jeffrey Welk, Tom Buch, Anglea Bac, Abby Chang
Editor - Eric Wais
Assistant Editor - Tyler Byrnes
Storyboard Artists - Will Rosado, Tung Hsieh
Head of Production - Julie Shevach
Producers - Chad Carbone, Johnna MacArthur